7B Merrion View Avenue, Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, -450K 36%

Initial two drops picked up by tresdontgrowtothesky.
Now 800K.

OK, I give up, what’s the catch?

Still for sale at €950,000 on myhome.

If you look at the aerial view on myhome (zoomed out one step) it backs directly on to a secondary school and seems to have a small carpark for the school directly to the front. Could be noisy/busy on school days.

I’d also want more than one bathroom plus a small shower room for that kind of money.

Agree though it looks like a nice house and is far from the worst value out there.

EDIT: Looks great compared to this place nearby which is 1,313sq ft but on sale for €2.45m.

When I clink on your link I get 800k.
I think it is lovely. It’s been a while since you’d get a house backing onto Ailsbury Road in that price bracket.
School wouldn’t bother me, though I always found Michael’s boys a bit obnoxious.