8 Booterstown Park, Blackrock (-450k,-28%)



Still a big price tag for a fairly ordinary 4-bed semi-d. We ain’t hit bottom yet, not by a long way.

that house is still way over $2m - we will getting there when these have hit 900k ish

That’s my late grandmothers house.

Please try to keep this conversation on the topic of price rises or drops on the property.

Sorry to hear of your Grandmothers passing away amarach1975. My note above is not directed to you exclusively but to all contributers of the topic. I especially don’t want to see any insults directed your way regarding your grandmother.

It’s ok. I appreciate this is a public discussion forum. It was just a bit weird seeing it.

Now €1.25k (-350k, -22%)


Now €1.15k

-450k, -28% overall