8 Nottingham Street, North Strand, Dublin 3

daft.ie/sales/8-nottingham-s … in/943399/

The house is a real blank canvas, and an interesting renovation project. I’m tempted by this potential, but wonder about the area. Its on a quiet cul-de-sac but the general north strand area has a lot of social housing, summerhill nearby etc.
Is this in the green zone?

Does anyone living in the area have an opinion? - e.g. walking from town at night along north strand, public transport.
I’d probably be fine living there - as a guy, but its quite different to the leafy southside area I currently live;) That said, not all area of the northside are bad.

Original features
Rentability (in theory - due to proximity to city centre, IFSC)

Mainly the rough looking general area
North facing garden, near train line

Wouldn’t pay a cent over 80k for this.Its either a sign of delusion or a dysfunctional market that someone reckons this is worth close to a quarter of a million ducats.

Unlike yourself I would see the price as a “con” :slight_smile: not a pro.


Do you live in the area? Know the street? What makes you think I would pay the asking price?

You listed the price top of your Pro list? :wink:

If it’s good enough for Roisin Ingle…

irishtimes.com/life-and-styl … -1.1740528

Like, oh my god, a Sandymount girl who has turned so totally North Stand native! How dare Lovin’ Dublin favour Ranelagh over North Strand.
Ingle wrote before about her love of the Northside, and how she no longer yearns to return to Sandymount, but I chose to only pay attention to this particular part from her ode to North Strand :

OH come on. €80k is a credit card bill - not purchase of a house in Dublin. 220k seems about right.

Current bid at 240k, owner wanting to wait until he gets bids in excess of 250k.