8 Sutton Grove, Sutton, D.13 (-€115k, -17%)

Listed since February 2007.
Initially came on the market overpriced (even for back then) at €695k
No bites, so dropped to €635k, still no bites.
Subsequently sold for €580k

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Any links Max? Also please don’t post specifics of transactions. Thanks.

Sorry guys . . .

It was pulled off the web by the EA, sign removed also but was still on the market. Reckon IPW tracking price drops lead to this action. Info on the numbers I just posted came from an EA discussion I had recently.

Max it would really help if you provided links, otherwise anyone could post arbitrary drops here. If it’s recent then you will probably find cached links on Google or Yahoo. Unfortunately I’ll have to remove the posts if there is nothing to back this up.

Link to Sale Agreed at €635k

Thanks Snackbox, I couldn’t do the link.