8 Sycamore Road, Mount Merrion (-375K, -19.74%)

Old Price: €1,900,000

New Price: €1,800,000
myhome.ie/search/property.as … earchlist=

(-300K, -15.8%)

10 March 2008 - Edited by Provost to update the price and percentage drop.

that’s a 3 bed semi-d. Well decorated but still too much for 1600 sq. ft.

They must have heard you…now down to 1.7M

Now 1.65M

At this knockdown price you could finance this non-descript 4 bedroom semi 4 miles from the city centre for only 7,325 a month for the next 35 years.

That means that you only need to be earning about 300,000 euro a year to finance this baby.

You could also purchase it as a fantastic investment. A nearby (better located) 4 bed house is renting for 2,800 a month[daft.ie/243385], so you would only be losing about 5 grand a month on this baby.

And with the price action on this 1.9 million down to 1.6 million - this is just begging for some financial whizzkid to snap it up as an affordable home or shrewd investment.

It would almost be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

My in-laws live on that street. I can feel my husband’s inheritance slipping away to nothing. :frowning:

Better get them to downsize and sell quick… :wink:

When you look at houses like these and the prices they were fetching 18 months ago you can understand why some people talk about 70% price drops. I can just about see someone spending £570k on that house as being reasonable, anything more is crazy.

Now 1.6m. Drop of 300k in total (-15.8%).


so eh?

Where’s the eh €1.6million worth of Gaf there?

Rhetorical Question…

If I won the lotto
money no object
would I buy this gaf for cash?

I don’t think I would …

Mount Merrion has always baffled me. There is no denying it’s a pleasant spot, but along with pleasant it’s dull, with boring architecture, no village area and not that near the city sea or mountains to really count them as a local amenity.

Agreed, I just don’t get the attraction of Mount Merrion either - if you did feel the need to drop that kind of money, why not go the short distance across the dualler to Blackrock - at least there is a village, shopping centres, bars, restaurants, much nicer architecture and the sea!

Still for sale!

No doubt this bargain will be snapped up in the Spring Selling Season of 2043.

Now €1.525m

takes total drop to -€375k (-20%)

(sorry Iguana) :frowning:

what would be a realistic price for this house? would anybody in all fairness even pay 1 million for this baby, me thinks not. 1.65mil for this place is so 2007 :stuck_out_tongue:

To be fair, the seller has been comparatively aggressive with the price drops. In comparison, smaller houses such as this one at 1.695m are still asking 2006 prices. If the former still can’t sell, it has to make one wonder what’s going on with the latter.

This is what I call an optimist! they say “there is always one”, and the owners are just waiting for him/her to take the path to their door. In fact, Bertie and Big Tom should buy the €1.695m house as a reward to the owners for not losing faith with their mantra "house prices never fall”. The owners are the only true nationalists among us; their extreme courage and belief should be handsomely acknowledged by B& T. If B & T act quickly, then it will soon happen that all houses will be priced over a million, and the good times will come round once again. So now B & T, it is time to put yere money where your mouth is, and reward the lone soldier who keeps your flag flying :wink:

Yes they are being optimistic but as the EA put it:

It not every day that you get a property with a saline feature and with the salt features market going the way it is you could make your money back in days, particularly if you got an IO(N) mortgage.

They’ll certainly be hoping to crystallise a profit, if they can stay solvent.

I’ll leave now…