8 Templeroan Drive, Knocklyon, Dublin 16 -56k (10.27%)


Semi-Detached House
4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms
09 November 2009
* Price changed: from ‘€545,000’ to ‘€499,000’ [Found by n/a]
27 October 2009
* Price changed: from ‘Region €545,000’ to ‘€545,000’ [Found by n/a]
29 May 2009
* Price changed: from ‘Region €555,000’ to ‘Region €545,000’ [Found by n/a]
30 April 2009
* Initial entry found.

Overall Floor Area: 126 Sq. Metres (1,356 Sq. Feet)

BER Rating: D2

Now asking 435K


I let a house close to this estate about 5 months ago.
Its went for €1,200 pm.
Granted, not as nice.

Nevertheless, €1200 x 12 = €14,400 pa.
€14,400 / €435,000 = 3.3%

Lets be very generous and say it would achieve €1,400 pm.
Thats still only a 3.86% yield even before we include any other costs.

Mr. A. I don’t get this way to put a value on a property. Maybe I just have a mental block but why would a valuation based on yield be used when as far as I can tell nobody is buying for the purpose of generating a yield?

p.s I’ll be depressed if you tell me there isn’t a more sensible/less crazy way to value.

I asked Ronan Lyons that specific question in a recent Daft thread. Here’s the Q&A:


Back up to 465. Makes sense :slight_smile:

I’m guessing there must be some Sale Agreed’s in the area emboldening the seller. The map shows about 25 properties for sale in Knocklyon and prices look sticky as hell.

A couple of 3 beds in Woodstown at €385k

And a 4- bed for €450k

In Templeroan an admittedly fine 4 bed, but at a whopping €520k:

And incredibbly, a 3 bed in Woodfield at €515k!:

The brochure reads: “REDUCED TO SELL!! REDUCED TO SELL!! REDUCED TO SELL!!”…so it was more than that. Wow.

Anyway, all those houses need either people with significant equity and/or a whole bunch of €80k-€100k household incomes to sell. Sorry, I just don’t know how those 25 or so properties can possibly shift on those terms. I just don’t think there are enough of those people about any more.

yep woodfield was more


There are plenty of houses around there for sale for more than 12 months.

They’re not really participating in any sort of market, best ignored.

€450 now