80 St. Helens Road, Booterstown (-350k, -29.16%)

Big drop in one fell swoop…

Was 1200k

Now 850k

Bit more like it.

€650k when all is said and done, I think.

Think that 650k would still be high. Try around 500k

What sort of timeframe do you reckon for that to hit 500k?

Never, by the looks of things, Sale Agreed.
I’ve seen a few things go sale agreed today, is stuff starting to move?

This is still available on Daft?

I think you can still get ahead of the market if you cut aggressively. Can’t find a link so its only anecdotal but yesterday I heard of a 3 Bed in Highthorn, Mountown going for 350k, while there are still houses in same estate going for between 599k-700k.

Anyone have any ideas how one could find out how much this went for, was planning to arrange a viewing this week although this has probably saved us from ourselves :frowning:

Eh, its sale agreed. Long way from that to Sold.

Yeah you’re right there, hopefully it might come back on a bit lower.

Went into to number 22 today. Not that I’m in the market it for it, I was passing by. Unfortunately it is well out of my price range. Current offer is €600 apparently. It does need work - someone grew old in this house. But it was lovely. If only I had the money. sigh :slight_smile:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … th/2065037

I’ve always liked this small u-shaped estate. Must be a pain getting in and out with traffic on the Rock Road though.

Never seen a house there go for under 600K

#22 sold €670k 19-12-12