81 Templeville Road, Templeogue, Dublin 6w (-110k, -17%)

Was [*635k * (https://www.dng.ie/proppdf/Terenure_1390%20DNG-81%20Templeville%20Rd%204pa5.pdf)

Now [*525k * (https://www.myhome.ie/residential/brochure/81-templeville-road-templeogue-dublin-6w/137550)

Drop of 110k or -17%

Enormous garden. 5 pics out of the 9 are of the garden.

Small kitchen. 1 pic of it.

Definitely the nicer end of Templeville Road.

Ed: Also, the price is interesting. If we assume, as the seller must, that bids will start at 30% below asking, we are looking at a current market price of €400k +/-. That really seems to put a lot of pressure on areas like Knocklyon, Limkiln, Ballycullen etc.

myhome page now says [*sale agreed * (https://www.myhome.ie/residential/brochure/81-templeville-road-templeogue-dublin-6w/137550)

These things where fetching north of 950k in the boom. So still at 40% drop I think. more to go, Templeville Road will end up at around 300k.