81 Upper Leeson Street, Dublin 4 (-1150K / -42%)

Was 2,295,000 Euro. And I believe this is the second drop on this one, been on the market for a long time.

New Price 2 Million

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Was 2.6 million.

Now 1.75 Mil , Dropping Fast and Hard!

myhome.ie/residential/search … WKBY289462

Yep, was also 2.4m according to this IPW report. Originally failed to sell at auction in Oct 06.

So 4 drops in 16 months: 2.6->2.4->2.295->2.0->1.75. That’s a total drop of 32.7% for a period property in a prime location.

Previously had an “AMV” of 2.75m
independent.ie/unsorted/prop … 74167.html

Follow No 83 Upper Leeson St here…

Ah good old upper Leeson St. I rented a house on the opposite side of the road in 2006. The landlord was trying to sell it at the time and it got no bids at auction in Sept 06 - the AMV was €1.5M. Granted the place hadnt been done up since the 70s and needed to be totally gutted and re done, but still… the failure of the sale took even me by surprise. That’s when I realised the game was up for Irish property.

Edit - it never did sell either, I think it’s still being rented

Appears to have only one bathroom and an outside w.c. !! You’d probably need to sink at least EUR200-300k in to this place to bring it up to modern spec.

Appears to have only one bathroom and an outside w.c. !! You’d >>probably need to sink at least EUR200-300k in to this place to bring it >> up to modern spec.

Not to mention it is on a very noisy junction, seems like crazy money for the location, to each his own I suppose.

Now 1.6M

myhome.ie/residential/search … WKBY289462

Down Down Down

Wow, that’s a 42% drop from 2.75m.

I know this place needs a good makeover, but it just highlights how far off-mark people have been in their initial asking prices.
Also shows how quickly one could lose 1mln EUROs by buying into the 2006-era hype


Up the road (#20 Upper Lesson St), someone else seems to see fit to charge 2.5mln for an identical home. The only diff being its had the needed re-furb and has a slightly longer garden, which hardly justifies 57% more in price

#83 now down to 1.75m
See thread thepropertypin.com/viewtopic.php?t=7545

ouch… those drops jut amaze me, id love to know the history of these houses anyone know the story of who owns 81 nad 83 lesson street and when they were last sold etc …

The same people made a planning application for 81 in 1994, 1999 and then again in 2005 so they have owned it since at least 1994.

Link ??

I can’t provide a link as I have my own access to this information but go to the DCC webiste, stick 81 Leeson Street into ‘search for planning application’ and it will bring up some relevant planning apps

Search here:

dublincity.ie/swiftlg/apas/r … ia.display

Cheers Vel.

I wonder why they never got around to building and flogging the approved mews? Missed a trick there.

SOrry, scratch that. Confused with the one next door.

On the market again, asking 985k this time round
daft.ie/sales/81-upper-leeso … n/1062148/

This has to be worth more surely ?