81 Windsor Drive, Monkstown (-60k, -5.2%)


On sale since at least as early as June 2006. Reported in Business Post as €1.15 million in August 2006

archives.tcm.ie/businesspost/200 … y15843.asp

Now €1.09m, **17 months later, same agent.


Obviously not in a hurry to sell, otherwise a larger drop than 5.2% might have been in order.**


Seems like same thing applies to another neighbouring house.

35 Windsor Park, Monkstown, Co. Dublin
June 2006 - €1,350,000

web.archive.org/web/200606262111 … r-sale.asp

Now €1,150,000 (200k drop, -14.8%)


Again, no sale after 17 months. And the same agent as the other house.


Do they think they are caught in The Prisoner’s Dilemna?


Same price, bumped as it has been on sale for two years.


This place, around the corner has 4 bedrooms, and a nicer garden for €985k

myhome.ie/residential/search … NLID333229

Its also been on a while (I went to see it about 3-4 months ago and was told it was at offer, likely to be sold within 2 weeks unless a better offer was forthcoming)


That one is now 965k. The original house is still at the same price. Monkstown seems to be a prime example of the stalemate between buyers and sellers.


No. 35 is now 900k - it’s being tracked at viewtopic.php?f=23&t=21407


No. 54 now at €475k. Chunky drops in percentage terms.


Daft Property Shortcode:

62 Windsor Drive - €575k


Daft Property Shortcode:

55 Windsor Drive - €550k (plus stamp at a 1%!)


62 Windsor Drive now at €519k

Daft Property Shortcode:


26 Windsor Park, backing on to the rugby ground, €490k.



55 now down to 535k



The most pictured Rover car on Daft. I have seen it parked there in rain, snow, sun etc. etc.

Drip drip drip.


The car will eventually be worth more than the property.

Number 55 now down by a massive 10k to 525k



Number 55 down to €495k (-55k, -10%)

They must be waiting for the Rover to acquire classic status.


If you check out street view the car is on the road. So at least it moves…

Big house, SCD, close to schools and 46A. Still cannot imagine it above €400k in the current climate.


Number 55, now down to 475k (-75k, -13.6%).



number 55 drops again. Now 450k (-100k, -18.18%)

Drip, drip.


…and the most famour Rover in Pin history has moved again. I have seen it in sun, rain, snow, on drive, off drive…

290k - should clear this house.