83 Ballinteer Crescent, Ballinteer (-90K, -16.4%)

First offered at 550K
irishpropertywatch.com/sales … Co.+Dublin" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Now asking 535K
myhome.ie/residential/search … MFYS397525" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

3 bed semi, kitchen extension, attic conversion
1368 sq ft (this has to include the attic conversion, these houses are not that big)
So 387/sq ft

I cant believe these houses still are above 1/2 mill!

Yup - Ballinteer seems to be immune to the recession. This buyer is definitely in denial. If they think a 15K drop will drum up more interest, they are mistaken.

ffs - compare this place in Ballinteer to this …
myhome.ie/residential/search/brochure/48-clonard-drive-dundrum-dublin-co&-city/VCMYH350730 in Dundrum

Have the sellers nor the EA one brain cell between them ?


Now 495,000

Down 55k, down 10% overall

date event
15 January 2010

* Price changed: from '€495,000' to '€460,000'

Freaky blue sky included

19 May 2010
* Price changed: from ‘€460,000’ to ‘€445,000’

I would prefer this house in Ballinteer to that one compared above in Clonard. Both are still overpriced IMHO. I grew up in Clonard a long time ago before the new shopping centre was built and my address was Sandyford. My parents are still there and address is Sandyford. Since when in Clonard now considered Dundrum?? The house in Ballinteer is about equidistrant to Dundrum walking but not be car as there would be more traffic coming from the Ballinteer end. Also factor in walking distance to Marley park and a decent supermarket in Superquinn instead of cheap horrible Tesco in the Dundrum shopping centre and this may explain why these hoses in Ballinteer - i.e. Ludford, Woodpark, Ballinteer estate and perhaps College Park and Delbrook Manor would be condidered much better locations that parts of Dundrum.

However as I stated at the start, in 6 months time Dundrum and Ballinteer will be another 5-10% cheaper.

Clicking on the link I wondered how far down the brochure before they mentioned proximity to Dundrum. First item…

Sounds like it’s still 2006 in Ballinteer.

Looks like the one in clonard drive is gone

My wife view this one. It has a weird layout with the extension and that fogged window

Wasn’t just me that thought the layout was weird then! It also always bugs me when there is a kitcehn extension and the washer/dryer is still outside in a shed or garage!