84 Cherrywood, Killiney (-€190k, -26%)

From treesdontgrowtothesky was €725k:

Now €599k:

myhome.ie/residential/search … AFLJ350018

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how is that in killiney

an Post say:

84 Cherrywood
Co Dublin

It says Killiney on myhome.ie … so it aabsoluutly must be !! :laughing:

It’s a well known Killiney exurb in the heart of Ballybrack :wink:

Back up to €650,000, reckon they’re gonna try and link it to whatever happens in the budget price wise?


Now back to €599,000


This house is now guiding at 530k and they are open to offers.

Myself and him-indoors went to have a look. I was not impressed to be honest and I feel they would be lucky to get in the high 400s for this house.

it says 535k on the myhome link.

Esate agent told us they had dropped price to 530k and were open to offers.

What was wrong with it? It looks reasonable in the pictures? Is Ballybrack not a good area? All the surrounding houses seem to be 2 bed bungalows.

The area was fine, no problems with the area and the aspect and views from the house were lovely. It is a very pretty house from the outside and it just lets itself down internally. It requires a considerable amount of work/cleaning/renovation inside and because of the layout of the rooms, both upstairs and downstairs, it did not appear possible to enlarge them through knocking through walls or extending.

Hopefully someone with a better vision than I will see it and see some potential that I couldn’t see. I don’t want to put someone off looking at it so I’ll leave it there.

well the myhome.ie link still says 535k.

remember that without some proof to back up claims, anyone can come onto this website and post information that isn’t credible.

I totally understand that. Unfortunately there is no proof available on the web - just out of the mouths of EAs I’m afraid.

Number 90 is for rent for €2900pm.
rent.ie/houses-to-let/90-Che … in/727478/

This is back on the market Asking Price today is €580k. They must have made some improvments to warrant that kind of price rise.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/192352

The layout appears the same although the have improved the access to the attic. Also: the attic is fixed it would appear! Much better than the teeny room we saw with a hold punched in the eave… :unamused:

I’m suprised they got 500k for it. :nin

how do you know this?

Auctioneer told me - I tried viewing at the time it was offered at 530k, they told me I was too late, it had gone sale agreed .

Yeah well, I’ve removed what you’ve posted.

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Now 550k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1247677