85 Ashfield Road Ranelagh D6 (-€750, -16.6%)

Was €4500 per month, now €3750 per month:

Cached Link: … cd=4&gl=ie

Also available to buy at €1.4m:
myhome.ie/residential/search … RJHN370655

That is an obscene rent for a 4 bed house. Who on earth can afford that? And why dont they just buy a house - even in the current market they should be able to do better than that.

That seems a little high for a house which is available for purchase at €1.4m, but:-

€3,750 x. 12 = €45,000 p/a rent.
Now, let’s assume a 5% rental yield - this leaves us with a “x. 20” multiplier:-
€45,000 x. 20 = €900,000 – Thus, assuming a 5% rental yield, the house should be available to buy for €900k.

[Instead, to get €1.4m you have to use a little over 2% as the rental yield!! Thus it has some way further to fall…]

It is actually the case that this is much better value to rent than purchase. Ranelagh will always be out of the reach of most of the population.