86 Eglinton Road Donnybrook

Anyone viewed this? House with great potential but think it is overpriced?

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Is that the one on the corner by the busy road?

Kind of one of the shittyest houses on the street?

I wouldn’t be complaining!

The best way to value a house like this is price per square foot. There are posters on this site who have much better knowledge of this type of valuation than me so take what I say with a pinch of salt.

Currently this is valued at €416 per sf which is overvalued. At a €300 per sf the valuation is €717k.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1926505

The above nearby property in Ranelagh is valued at €316 per sf.

€300/sq.ft. would be an extraordinarily low asking for this type of house in D4. Currently the average asking for D4 houses is €394/sq.ft.

For that kind of price I’d want a house that actually looked nice

Haven’t seen it myself but have a friend who is interested in it. There’s a bid of within 7.5% of asking if I recall. Needs some modernisation and kitchen needs some structural changes to optimize layout but otherwise a nice house with a great garden. Busy junction and difficult crossing of road to head toward city centre would be a drawback.

No chance in hell that this is going to go for less than Eur850k IMO. I dont think y can compare Eglinton Road to Mount Pleasant in terms of neighbourhood AH Guy.

Thanks for replies! Saw sale agreed sign up today. Can’t wait till prices are published in September.

Another one bites the dust

Image 10 has given me a great idea for our future kitchen refurb.

I can see this making the asking price (€995,000) or close to it.
Certainly, the road is catagory ‘A’ and, at 2390 sq/ft, space is not an issue.

Also, this house would easily have achieved €3m in 2006, thereby marking a 66% reduction (and therefore in-line with market falls).

Just 3 drawbacks that I can see :

  1. On the corner of 2 busy roads which may dampen the enjoyment of one’s annual barbeque bash.
  2. No en-suite.
    Although not uncommon for such houses, it’s pretty much a prerequisite for me.
    So I’d have to take into account the cost of converting one of the bedrooms to accomodate it.
  3. It’s a semi-D (bugs me because there’s ample space to have made it into a detached).

Bottom line, I’d be surprised if it went for below €900k.

Sale agreed

Heard over the weekend that the last offer on this one was Eur1,040,000 so looks like it went a distance over asking price as predicted in this thread.