88 The Wintergarden, Pearse Street

Appartment prices on the rise?
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -2/2249604
Asking €185k

As per the price register
02/06/2010 Apartment 9 The Hazel Wintergarden Pearse Street Dublin 2 Dublin €135,000
20/07/2010 Apt 176 Wintergardens Pearse Street Dublin 2 Dublin €140,000

Or just continuing evidence of delusion?

If anyone paid €185k for that they’d need to be sectioned. Worth about 35-40% of the asking.

No idea. I am amazed with the current asking and selling prices for apartments.

which selling prices are amazing you landlord?

1 bed sold at allsop for 127k
auction.co.uk/irish/LotDetai … 0048&S=L&O

And no sign of it on the PPR!

That is a crazy asking price for that apt…
However, I do think Landlord may have a point - I’ve been keeping a close eye on apts in D2, D4 and parts of D6 recently, and I’ve been amazed at the amount of interest there has been to buy. Some apts (not this one!) are being put on the market with “low” asking prices to entice interest, but are selling at substantially higher levels. For example:

Asking 215k - believe it has recently gone sale agreed for higher than 230k (I stopped calling EA when bidding was this high)
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -4/2249607
Asking 165k - last I heard bidding was at 215k - and still multiple interested parties:
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/2223228
Asking 195k - sale agreed for 203k I believe:
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/2186526
Originally asking 135k - bidding had increased above 180k last I heard:
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -2/2104506

I’ve viewed a couple of apts in Gallery Quay, Grand Canal Dock and they also have achieved prices higher than asking - links no longer on myhome.

Number 9 was Mrs EvilAl’s. There’s a thread about it where I commented during the sale process.

Number 88 is 25% larger. Number 9 was approx €337/sq ft. Number 88 is asking €370/sq ft.

However the ceilings are much higher in 88 and I believe that block has a better finish. On the other hand, no mention of a car space which still has to have a decent value in that part of town.

Is number 9 now sale agreed/sold?

Did the EA advise a low asking price so as to get a bidding war going?

How did Mrs Evilal find her EA? Did he pass all the bids along?

Yes, you posted the sale price :slight_smile:

Ish. You’ll see the history in the original thread. We were chasing the market down for a while so we cut the price dramatically to 150k and got a few offers and a mini-bidding war. We had turned down 310k previously :blush:

Here’s the original thread: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=7849

EA was very good I thought. We wanted shot of it and he advised us well. We turned down a slightly higher offer because the guy was “off” (weird stories about how he couldn’t get the booking deposit just yet becasue the bank signatory was his secretary and she was off etc). He tried to do an end-run around the EA but we suspected he didn’t have the finance and we wanted to close. The 135k we accepted was from someone who had the entire amount in some pension product so there was no mortgage involved.

Of course, how would we know if there were other offers he didn’t pass on…

Cheers :slight_smile:

That would rent for about 900-1000 euro per month right now, so I’d put a value of 130k-150k on it.

Would it really get that much? You used to be able to get a 1-bed in the Gasworks for around 1000 (last time I checked) and the Gasworks is far nicer.

Gasworks is up to €1200 to €1250 per month.

For a 1-bed?

€1600 for a 2 bed.

But rents aren’t rising :slight_smile:


This is a recent let agreed.


Recent 1 bed.


What do you mean by recent?

This was rented more than 3 months ago :angry:

However today there are 5 properties for rent in the Gasworks Today.

2 x €1,500 (The Clayton & The Alliance)
1 x €1,550 (The Dickens)
1 x €1,600 (The Alliance )
1 x €1,650 (William Beckett)


A little bit of local knowledge will tell you that there is a premium for the Alliance Building where the clearing rent is €1,600 per month. A quick phone call to the agent advertising the Alliance property for rent at €1,500 will confirm that it is no longer (if ever it was really) available.

There are no 1 bed bed apartmets available for rent.

What a sad waste of money. This is money flowing out of the economy with very little in return.