89 Rowanbyrn, Blackrock (-400k, -50%)

This one is a bit all over the place - first it goes up by €50k in June and now they are dropping it by €25k.

I have seen other references to this EA upping their prices before dropping to make it look like they are reducing prices.


Also worth noting that number 71 was recently on sale for €740k so they are trying to sell for quite a bit more than number 71 likely sold for.

Now 724,950

that is not Blackrock :laughing:

According to An Post, it is: :slight_smile:

89 Rowanbyrn
Dean’s Grange
Co Dublin

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total drop of 400k, just over 50%?

What? 103sq mtr, 3-bed and 800k? Do they live in 2006? I don’t even think at the peakest of the peak this house would have achieved that price

4 bedrooms, a downstairs w.c., utility area, 3rd reception room … all packed into 1100 sq. feet.

no 77 rowanbryn asking €359950 - 4 Bed Semi-D -
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1812383

No 77 only went on the market at €399,000 two weeks ago. Why the drop so soon?

Why not?

just seems counter intuitive. I dont undersatnd the logic of the strategy. People wont assume they’re getting a bargain, they’ll wonder what is wrong. Or at least I did. Then again, this is Castle :unamused:

I know it’s Castle and we have come to expect odd descriptions but this one made me laugh

ample drying for clothes space indoors and outdoors :confused: