8k a month ?who will take it on


Not sure if this is in the right category but seen this property to rent on DAFT
8K a month for 10 bedrooms
Communal living .
Who would be brave enough to take this on and be able to ensure occupancy and make a profit
Seems like its set to be rented by the state as a hub or a direct provision centre
Neighbiours will not be happy as its a quiet area and access to the main road is a nightmare at the best of times


I presume by the layout this was previously let to students at that price? If that was the case I doubt the neighbours were over the moon given you probably had 12+ people living there.

It will be interesting to see if this requires a price drop to shift. With 3rd level paired back severely this autumn you would imagine that a place like this might struggle.

I would be surprised if this place was taken by the council or a step down from DP given the amount of rooms. This would be enough for 2/3 families and I guess that is what they are looking to move away from.


It was in fact a beauty salon with a good few treatment rooms
Tax issues meant the owner closed up and sold very suddenly
if you look at the street view the old salon is still there .
New owner just bought it and renovated it .
I cant see one person taking the responsibility.
I am surprised the owner just doesn’t rent out the rooms himself,even through a management agency .


Interesting background. The more I think about it god help the neighbours as if it goes by the room it will likely be a high turnover place so many interesting characters are likely to be there from time to time.

I remember when rents crashed the last time we occasionally had to look for new room mates, as it was a renters market you often ended up taking people that previously you would have said a sharp no to.,.and unfortunately it rarely ever worked out…