8th Amendment - May POLL


How Will you Vote Or Would Vote in the upcoming referendum

  • No - Retain
  • Yes - Repeal
  • Undecided
  • Abstain
  • Can’t Vote - Would Vote No, Retain
  • Can’t Vote - Would Vote Yes, Repeal
  • Can’t Vote - Would Abstain
  • Can’t Vote - Would but Undecided.
  • *Will Vote NO but not resident (intend to travel back to Ireland).
  • *Will Vote Yes but not resident (intend to travel back to Ireland).
  • Resident (including Postal voters)
  • Not Registered (Use for resident Non-Citizen status also)
  • Outside State

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You have two votes.

Vote1 - Indicate your preference, Retain/Repeal.
Vote2 - Indicate your status, Resident, Outside or Not Registered.

*Option : You must have been ordinarily resident in the State on 1 September in the year before the Register comes into force **(citizensinformation.ie/en/mo … tml#l862a3) This option assumes you are not and therefore your sneaky (and possibly illegal) vote is noted. :nin

Please vote accordingly.


Bump :astonished:


Would be cool to get age profile and gender along with this vote. I reckon it’s mainly +35 males on this site.


*Way to offend the other half of the user base! :wink:

***Poll would be way too long, maybe in a later exit poll. **


janey mack. That vote is a hell of a lot closer than I would have thought


On a technical point, stripping out the actual eligible voters vs aspirational voters in the poll has reduce the noise to signal, assuming everyone is truthful.

If anyone made a mistake they can go back and change any of the options. Nor do you have to use both votes, just be real.


Haha true…just judging by the fallout from the previous 02-08 bubble and where the majority of posters came from back then.

I’ve been thinking it will be repealed in and around the 55% mark and this poll seems to reflect that (so far).


I forgot to put in my residency…how do I edit my initial choice?


There is a tick icon indicating your current vote. Change it. Click submit vote to finalise.




Voted yes and resident in Ireland


can we get the poll adding up 100% to YES NO MAYBE NOT Voting
Voting in ireland is not on the ballot


I would be interesting to see how many have changed from a yes to a no or no to a yes since the campaign started.
I’ve not changed though, but polls suggest that a significant number have switched sided since March.


No 19 = 30%
Yes 45 = 70%

Poll results as of today, excluding the 2 undecideds. There are 66 eligible voters.

Is it my impression that some people have changed from a No to a Yes or have just more people voted Yes since the Nos were cast?


I know that when the poll first opened, there was a flood of NO’s, so on day one there were more NO’s than YES’s