9 Belgrave Road, Rathmines D6 (-€700k, -38.9%)

Was €1.8m
irishtimes.com/newspaper/pro … 19072.html

Now €1.5m
myhome.ie/residential/search … KPSQ388160

561/sq foot, no BER, that back garden looks like the set off a war movie in a jungle there’s a bar in a shed too ]

Now €1.1m
myhome.ie/residential/search … KPSQ388160

Period 4 Bed
€4435 per sq m (1100000/248)
€411 per sq ft (1100000/2672)

If it is a protected structure, which I am sure it is, no BER is required.

Interesting property. Would i be correct in saying that these houses have mainly been used as student accomodation in the past and present? Would a purchaser be surrounded by student rentals?

There is quite a bit of work to go into this property, I cant imagine you would get much change out of 200 to 250k.

Taking this all into account does this put the price of this property at region of €600k sooner rather than later?

There’s a few ‘pre-63’ (in EA-speak) houses on this street, as far as I can see (I pass by this place regularly), but most are single family homes, some nicely renovated.

From scs.ie , rebuilding costs are about e200 a sq. ft., which would mean around 500k for a house that size. Sounds crazy to me, but I’m not a builder, architect, surveyor etc.

Your guess is as good as anyone else’s :smiley:

One of the main isuuses with this house is no off street parking. Are you going to pay 1mm for a house that you have to park 100yards down the road from? I rent near it and parking is difficult all around here