9 Blackthorn Hall, Ticknock Hill, Sandyford (-45k, -11%)

Was 399,950


Now 369,950


Now 354,950

It is mind-boggling how many apartments and “duplexes” there are in this area. Thousands and thousands I’d say.

As a matter of interest, what was the original selling price of these at launch? Or how might I find that kind of thing out?

300k for a 2bed in Feb '04?

or 320k for 2bed in early '05?

archives.tcm.ie/businesspost/200 … 058954.asp

A bit to go yet!


Really, not that far at all off original launch price, and I suspect that the current €354k will turn into €300k before too many of these sell. So we’re not a million miles off the prices we saw when the sun was still rising and the new paradigm was just taking shape.

Just been browsing through Property Bee for this area - a few price drops -what do we reckon they will end up at?