9 Cambridge Terrace, Ranelagh

This is showing up on PPR as sold on 12/08/2015 for €800,000.
I can find no mention of it on sale anywhere and didn’t see advertisement.

Does anyone know anything about if?

Obviously wasn’t a sale - or certainly not a sale at arm’s length - worth well over double that price as it’s renovated and extended to a high quality and there is quite literally no such thing as a bargain in the property market these days. An entry on the PPR does not necessarily mean something is ‘sold’.

Can you explain this further, for me? Is there something very strange going on here?

A property can be “sold” but not placed on open market or achieve full market price. Eg family members can sell a property to each other for less than they would to an independent person. Tax should be paid on the difference between market price and the price paid as it is essentially a gift

Aren’t sales like this usually denoted by an asterix “not full market value” on the PPR?

I thought they had to be

“worth well over double that price”

Then it may be stamp duty (or other) fraud if the entry claims it to be ‘full market price’ and it is in fact 40% or thereabout of the market price.

Establishing accurate market values for properties can be really tricky, and there has to be a fairly wide assumed margin of error. But less than half the market price is beyond that.

There could be an explanation though about how this is not dodgy…

There are the same two names on planning applications in 2003 and 2010.