9 Carraig Grennane, Killiney (-775k, -47%)

Was 1.4m (2005)
archives.tcm.ie/businesspost/200 … ry4857.asp
“A four-bed house at 9 Carraig Grennane on Killiney Avenue was withdrawn by HOK Residential which is now seeking offers of more than €1.4 million.”

Now 1.65m
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ney/115886
€660/sq ft

Unlikely to sell at that price?

Yes, it’s 2010

Frankly don’t think it was worth 1.4M even in the height of the madness! It’s a good example though of current sporadic and unpredictable ‘asking prices’ - think there are better, bigger properties in better areas asking more realistic prices, but yet unsold! :unamused:

That’s been on the market for a long long time at that price - December 2008 according to IPW
irishpropertywatch.com/viewS … &Site=daft
If they haven’t dropped the price they clearly aren’t serious about selling.
Probably worth at best about 700-800 in today’s market…

True, I wonder how much the current owner paid initially?

You could knock the “1” off the front of the price and you’d till have problems selling it. What an ugly house.

= Seconded

Poor interior design, overlooked and a tiny garden

“Strong neighbourly community” = squashed between 2 houses :smiley:

number 10 now on the market at 995K myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ney/342740

nice gaff

nice gaff shame about the postage sized garden, the ridiculous proximity to the neighbors

offer 360k eur

All the rooms are very well proportioned, which is hard to see these days

Yes but hard to see past the ugly exterior (IMO)?

Yes but hard to see past the ugly exterior (IMO)?

That don’t bother me too much to be honest but to each its own :wink:

Edited to say: I now live in a mssive house, not overlooked at all, massive gardens (one third of an acre in D16), lovely area, admittedly the house is anything but pretty to look at… of all the things I am willing to give up that one is definitely the first, if you’re happy with your house inside and your gardens who cares if its not oo pretty to look at. Having neighbours too close by, THAT bothers me…

Agreed there is more to life than a “pretty” house - I also currently live in (rent) a franklly very ugly, but spacious highly practical house in a great location - which I love. But I wouldn’t buy it. The aesthetics do impact long-term value because there are always a certain amount of buyers who will not consider it. And another downside of renting is stupidly high heating bills that you can do nothing about, so I’m becoming more aware of the importance of aspect, windows in the right place etc, which rules out some styles of house.

(Yes… maybe all these years of renting have made me too picky for my own good!)

Why is that house painted Magnolia…or whatever poncy name they call that form of Magnolia ?? Magnolia screams “rented” .

comes with a propertypin celebrity neighbour though - has to be worth a premium?


It’s not on the PPR, so never sold?

Now asking 875k (down from 1.65m in 2010, whereas other many other houses seem to be asking 2010 prices)
daft.ie/sales/9-carraig-gren … in/1019918
Detached House|4 Beds|3 Baths
232 Sq. Metres (2,497 Sq. Feet)
€350/sq ft

More proof that the top end of the market is falling.

Lots of “ugly” comments on this thread but it looks fine to me. Clean lines and modern materials.


These are on the market at similar money, it’s hardly a beauty parade.