9 Earlsfort Close, Lucan (-15k)

Old price
370k … cd=1&gl=ie

New price
www1.myhome.ie/search/property.a … earchlist=

Have a look at the map for Lucan. Zoom out and then pan. Theres so many houses for sale out there I can see prices for a 3 bed going below 300k. Considering it would cost around 200-250k to rebuild such properties excluding land cost then it’s quite startling for 3 bed properties close to Dublin to being valued not much more than cost of rebuilding. I suppose it shows how inflated building costs are too though. Its turning into a bloodbath in Lucan, “Fear and Loathing in Lucan”!.

It can’t cost 200k to build a 3 bed semi-d.

Not if you are building in volume.

Now 355k
myhome.ie/search/property.as … earchlist=