9 Fey Yerra, Leopardstown Road D18 (-54k, -13.5%)

Was €399k, now €345k:


€360 per square foot.

These are sort of like town houses. Instead of a back garden, there is a communal strip of grass running behind the houses. It has the feel of a US-type managed housing estate, where you pay maintenance fees, and the grass outside is manage communally. According to the ad there is a residents’ association that looks after maintenance of the communal areas.

I’m open to correction on this, but I have an idea that a lot of the Fey Yerra houses are owned by a single landlord, and they are rented out.


Based on…?

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still looking for planning?

Just in case you wondered about the name…

I find this communal garden running behind each house very perplexing. Surely even a small patch for each resident would be better?

I mentioned them to an estate agent a few years ago when I saw one for rent and, as far as I recall, he said that a bunch of them belong to a single owner (the builder perhaps?) who rents them out. However, it’s a few years since I had this conversation, and I didn’t have any particular reason to remember it properly. So it’s possible I’ve misremembered the conversation, or that the estate agent was mistaken.


Depends. A decent size usable area that you have to share versus a tiny patch that is good for nothing

I lived in a row where there was just such a strip. Each house owned the area immediately behind, but there were no fences up and the kids played across all the gardens

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