9 Leopardstown Abbey, "Carrickmines" (-116k, -22.5%)


11 August 2008

* Price changed: from 'Region €515,000' to 'Region €475,000'

18 July 2008

* Initial entry found.

Along with Mt Eagle and The Gallops, these used to be the easiest sales.
3-4 bed semiDs in a nice middle class area.
Places like this used to go for close on 600k
Its important to realise that these are the last to fall.
By the time these go down, you can be assured everyother segment of the market has been hit.

Plus they’re very near the Luas extension currently under construction.

I would have thought that this end of Leopardstown was a corpo estate as opposed to middle class.

The trouble with Mt Eagle, The Gallops and Sandyford Hall is that there were a lot of investors picking these up and letting them run down while collecting big on rents. It seems harder to sell a house that has been run into the ground in this climate.

I would have thought the same. Is this part of Leopardstown (or Carrickmines according to the advert) really an established middle-class area? When the first phase of the Gallops went on sale, I remember talking to people who were reluctantly moving there because they couldn’t afford to live in Finglas. And that was before the M50 cut that area off from Foxrock. Prices have massively inflated there since that time - I recall some larger houses were asking close to €1m in 2006. I would have assumed they would be among the first to drop for this segment in Dublin. Maybe the Luas extension will make a difference.

myhome.ie/residential/search … QICH402275

Anyone know if there are any amenities around here that area

This is actually in Ballyogan, the estate is not really comparable to The Gallops or Sandyford Hall as its council estate. It had a bad name but it has definitly improved in recent years. But I still don’t think I’d like to bring my kids up here…

There are good amenities, its right beside Dunnes and the new Luas stop. A leisure centre with pool etc is also planned. Speaking to an EA the other week the Luas is way ahead of schedule and they are due to start testing the trams in October so shouldn’t be too long before its open.