9 North Terrace, Inchicore - then and now

2002, asking €355,500 (£280k)
independent.ie/unsorted/prop … 21263.html

2010, asking €415,000 (flight simulator not included!)
irishtimes.com/newspaper/pro … 03018.html
property.ie/property-for-sal … 480/print/

Going by the Consumer Price Index since 2002, 415k today is roughly equal to 355k in 2002, so no major change in real terms.

I think the difference is that in 2002 it probably sold for the asking price if not more. In 2010 it will probably fall well short of the asking price.

Judging by the photos the simulator appears to be in the studio… so is the studio the shed or is the IT wrong?

This is the kind of article that p*sses me off no end.
They continuiously bring up a ‘feature’ (I use that phrase loosely) of the property which is not included in the sale price.

The word ‘simulator’ is used 8 times in that small article, but we are explicitedly told …

and then the piece is finished with …

This is just my ‘curtains’ experience all over again.

Just be glad they didn’t mention the buxom blonde in the bedroom, or the St. Bernard in the yard.

Sounds familiar,
Quirky charm of artists home on SCR - Irish Times

If you buy this house you support the terrorists :smiley:

I had a good laugh when I came across this feature. I lived in this house from 1959 till 1999 when I sold it. It certainly has some ‘period’ features ok. The simulator is in ‘the shed’ I built to park my cars. I used to always wonder why the lovely brick wall at the front of the house was demolished to make way for a driveway, when there was a perfectly good garage space at the rear.
The reason I moved was because Inchicore was not the place it used to be.
Good luck with the sale, personally I think its vastly overpriced, boom or not.