9 Ranelagh Road, Dublin 6


Thoughts on how much this is worth (i.e. will sell for) in this market?
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Really hard to tell without detailed surveyor report but I don’t think there’d be many willing to convert to a house in this location. It looks like a 500k job to do that and then you’d have a nice house surrounded by uncoverted pre 63s in bad condition on a main road close to some dodgy elements

Think would be better upgraded and converted into rental apartments as would be a strong location for that but whether you’d get the planning for the configuration you’d need I don’t know

Someone will probably take a punt for 500k and regret it though


Houses like this will all gentrify and be re-converted to trophy family homes in due course.

They have location and character. The only thing wrong with this house is half a century of neglect. This can be fixed, if you have the time and resources.

The two factors driving the gentrification (income inequality and the bedsit ban) aren’t going away.

Over the long run I would wager north inner city (Mountjoy Square, Hill St, etc) will gentrify too.


Would love if Mountjoy Square were to gentrify, North Great Georges Street has to an extent. Those houses are so big though that theres a lot of people with deep pockets required if that was to happen


Aesthetically, I agree.

People in a certain socio-economic bracket still need housing though.


Surprised this isn’t Sale Agreed to be honest, last time I called about it (3 weeks ago) it was at 665k and there were still a couple of bidders but they were starting to close out.

There’s a mews site to the rear with access, so a couple of builders looking at it. The house itself is in pretty poor state, the ceiling heights are also all very low considering what you’d expect, door heights are also low and you’d stoop to get through the odd one. If you weren’t looking for a trophy home you’d get out of it for 150k I think and you’d have a 100+ft West facing garden right by the canal - or maybe a mews instead!


Its back at €750k with planning permission. Doesn’t appear on the PPR so it looks like it never sold.


Not clear if the mews has been loped off.


This is a much better investment, needs work too but even then.

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Now 700k


Sold for 705k back in 2019