90 Merton Drive, Ranelagh - strange price

This has shown up on PPR as being sold in July for 390K. I can’t see any record of it being for sale anywhere and the price is less than half what anywhere else similar on the road would go for

Does anyone know anything about it?

propertypriceregister.ie/We … enDocument

Is it an executor thing? Like one sibling selling their interest to another?

But would that not have to go down as “Not full market price”?

Nope. NFMP means it was sold for less than market value so stamp duty should not be computed on the sale amount. So if they sold a 50% share at 50% of the price, it would not be marked NFMP. That’s my understanding.

Ok. Thanks. That might explain it so.
Otherwise it makes no sense

Another possibility for these sorts of things is the sale of a bit of the land (e.g. to a neighbour). Doesn’t look likely in this case give the size of the site though.