90% of new jobs between Q1 2007-Q1 2008 go to non-nationals

An interesting throwaway comment I heard on RTE’s 6-1 news tonight so I checked the CSO Labour Force survey.

cso.ie/releasespublications/ … t/qnhs.pdf

Table A2. 54K new jobs created between Q1 2007 and Q1 2008 of which 49K or 90% went to Non-Irish nationals.

Hmm. I predict the natives might get a bit restless, especially after today’s unemployment news.

Better keep it quiet until after Lisbon so.

Yeah, I don’t think we’ll be rioting over the Poles stealing our jobs in Spar.

Any day now Irish people are going to realise that the EU means they can travel and work anywhere in Europe. You could be that foreigner going over there stealing their jobs and marrying their women/men.


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They aren’t all working in Spar.

In the team i’m with in my place of work there are about 30 folks and growing. 2 of them (incl myself) are Irish and 30% are Poles. These are high quality jobs “knowledge economy” type jobs.

In the last two years I’ve seen more Americans come here to get work. Most that I’ve met are people who have no connection via ancestry with Ireland.

No mention of it on 9oc news, someone has been doing a bit of politically correct editing

Perhaps so, but surprisingly they would be wrong !
Daltonr, try and get a job in Italy. As an Irish and EU citizen, you cant ! (and I’m not talking local unemployment figures).
Quite simply, you are not allowed.
Amazingly, this hasn’t hit the papers in a big way.

Dont know how many EU states operate along the same lines.

Yet another reason to vote No.

Eh :question: That doesn’t make sense. Irish friends of mine have been living and working in Italy for years. I have another friend who turned down a job offer in Italy a couple of years back.

Financial and other business services up by 12K. Construction just slightly down.

Businesses will use import substitution to cut costs while colluding to maintain those nice premium Irish prices we know and love. It’s called margin enhancement. You’re supposed to see it as being a good European.

So where are all these 49K newly employed immigrants living? Why haven’t they impacted the DAFT rental figures?


But perhaps immigrants will help to fill those apartments which might help the developers/investors stave off the banks which in turn are doing their bit to fill new posts with immigrants. After all, a young Irish worker is much more likely to live with Mammy and Daddy than rent, now that’s no help to our beleaguered housing sector is it?.

What? Since this, if true, would be against lots of EU laws, can you explain exactly why it isn’t allowed - lack of decent jobs in italy withstanding?

I don’t speak Italian, but I’m tempted to try. I don’t believe this is True.

I know some countries were slower opening up to our new members than others, but I’d be astonished to learn that a citizen of one of the old EU countries can’t live and work in Italy.

Are you saying companies won’t hire me?
Or are you saying there’s some Italian law preventing them from hiring me?
Are you saying I’d need a Visa of some sort to live there?

More info please, this is very interesting.

It doesn’t seem to be true:

Nationals of EU (and EEA) countries have the right to work in Italy or any other member state without a work permit, provided they have a valid passport or national identity card and comply with the member state’s laws and regulations on employment.

Interesting that someone jumped on this as a reason to vote No without checking the facts.


The reason that hasn’t hit the papers is because it is factually incorrect.

I have 1 friend who has just returned from working in Italy and another who remains out there. One was in financial services, the other in engineering.

In terms of other EU countries, I have Irish friends and acquaintances working in; Spain, France, Germany, Poland, UK, Denmark, Netherlands all employed by local firms under local terms and conditions where there was an open employment competition.


Were you prevented from working in Italy because they heard you were an Irish EA?



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