90K drop in price. Cabra, Dublin.

from 890K

to 800K

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I don’t think they are the same property, although they are simmilar enough that the price drop for one would imply a price drop for the other.

yeah just figured that out aswell…my mistake…

What is interesting about this find since it appears to be 2 indentical properties in the same area/road, is that we are probbaly seeing old time investors stepping out of the market or trying too at least.

They may be in the middle in terms of how much they can discount were FTB who bought in the last year would not have an inch to budget with perhpas developers at the bottom with the largest margin x economy of scale to buffer themselves.

Perhpas we should watch these very closely and see how the race down if it goes any further.

Some areas have a higher proportion of rental accomodation than others. Especially in the Red Brick Victoriana Ville.

This will possibly intensify the rate & scale of price drops if buyers start to bounce sellers off each other to get lower prices.

In this case I think you would be entirely justified to get the vendor with the higher price to go lower than the 800K merchant! Thats pure evil though, playing with people like that and all their emotions and stuff, it could get ugly, they might get desperate and sell at a super low price… *ah sure prices only drop why would you pay that you’d want to be mad *(can we hear it comming???)

A good wedge in here for potnetial buyer is to bring up the “Energy Ratings” issue, you’d be a fool of a buyer not to ask these questions now rather than find out too late.

HAs anyone seriously asked an Esatate Agent recently about the Energy Rating when viewing a potential buy?

The Energy rating is on its way,
The Energy Rating is here to stay!

Places such as these are the hardest to heat economically without major intervention.


(image not perfect)

All those all the image are priced at 355K (2 bed premier square finglas/glasnevin) with one at 340K

The 340K will drive down the rest…until next year…figure you could pick up one of these for around 260K.

Dont underestimate the size of that price fall as they are owned by small investors and owner occupiers.