93 & 93B Howth Road, Clontarf (-100k, -16.8%)


Asking 595k in April 2016
independent.ie/life/home-gar … 48328.html
“The original house at 93 Howth Road has been divided in two, both now for sale. The selling agents say the properties can either yield €35k a year in rent, or be reunited into a single home”

Now 495k
daft.ie/dublin/houses-for-s … n-1418994/


Looks like quite a chunk of Howth Road for sub-500k. Work needed but it’s not falling down, by any means.
Any backstory to why it hasn’t shifted? Why not sell them separately? Is there some issue with planning or other legal issues?


p.s. It’s not accurately placed on the Daft map which puts it between Killester and Harmonstown stations. It’s actually (beside a railway bridge) between Killester and Clontarf Road station (i.e. closer to town). In fact it’s almost Fairview.


Location: google.ie/maps/place/93+How … -6.2205525

Streetview: google.ie/maps/place/93+how … cQxB0IGTAA


Its not shifting coz you can shower and touch the train that passes a few times daily at the same time …its literally that close and its got no back yard at all only a small 3 x 3 piece of concrete…its NOT a good investment and no one wants to listen to that go by or feel it as you would as i imagine the whole house shakes…yippee…half a mill for that …shakes head