93 Renmore Park, Renmore, Galway (-45k, - 12%)

Was 370k

Now 325k


Even in the sweltering heat of Q1 2006 when folks parted ways with reality 325K to live in Renmore must cause even the bulliest bull to twitch and think of where all this is heading to……

I could just about bring myself to part with 150K for it, and even then just because I like Galway so much….

130k-160k imo. (as these are entry level homes)
Trouble is that there has been little or no movement of inventory in the past year in Renmore yet asking prices have remained the same.
Maby , just maby this will get the ball rolling in thr right direction.

I’d class them sightly above entry level because of location (only). Renmore is a great area to live in, v.near the city & lots of amenities (I’m biased btw).

325 is still wonderland prices - I’d say around 200k (±) is the level.

The mad thing is some of the Remore house are currently priced a 400k and I can concur there are house around here that are on the market for 18+months.

ill give ya that GZ, the location is spot on, im biased too cos i woke up dying in my mates house in lurgan park too many times to cast a cold eye on the area… XD

one thing for sure, if they havent moved in the last 18 months they are going to have to wise up or they have no chance of moving in the next 18/36 whatever…

This one has been on the market since I started looking in that area (last september iirc).
And how the hell do you fit 4/5 beedrooms into a circa 1300sq ft hse?

(Sorry but I don’t know how to reduce the url)

Never going to go the distance… a better looking house than the ohter but still wouldn’t entice me while over 200K

True, but some yob will proberly think otherwise.

What you say is bang on… I’ve been watching the market in Renmore since I bought here in 2005. The asking prices have continued to rise & rise (to plain stupid levels 375etc.) but nothing is shifting and inventory is building up (one on Renmore Road sold recently don’t know for how much). Back in 2005 there where 5-6 house for sale at any given time in Renmore, currently there are around 30!

I used to live in Gleann Rua ,Renmore, alot of the houses in Lurgan Park are 30 years old from late 70’s but the location is convenient. If one is expecting these to come back to 200k one might have a very long wait but some house pricess are definitely falling as nothing is moving ( even though I see new 2 bed semi for 385k - anyone who buys these have definitely more money than sense). With rent around 1000 / 1100 pm, I think they could end up around 250k ish.

Prices in Renmore proberly will not come down much below 300k but will stagnate and one will be able to buy the same house in 10 odd years time for the same 300k price.
However a stone of potatoes will cost double todays prices in 10 yrs time.

Thanks for that info.
By any chance could you tell me what asking prices were like in Renmore in 04/05.

Thanks in advance.

Renmore Park would have been 250k-280k then depending on how much modernisation had been done . Old houses but big sites for semis.


I’m talking about your average Renmore House and are approx prices.

In '04 they were in the 250-290 region.
In '05 they were 280-320 region.
'06 they started to go nuts everything jumped to 330-360 .(but I know that one that went for 320
07/08 the just kept going (but not selling), nothing came on the market for under 350 more like 375.

Renmore houses are average semi-ds, some have big gardens but they are average (and very poorly insulated if in the original state) the advantage of Renmore is its position, 1.5km from Eyre Sq, beach, parks, being so close to the city centre you avoid Galways chaotic traffic problems (big cheer for Frank Fahy TD, NOT!) etc. - but these houses are now unaffordable - they have gotten too expensive - big drops are needed. IMHO these house are at max worth 240k (which is a lot less than I paid)

Don’t get me wrong I really like living in Renmore.

Traffic in renmore is lunacy . If you bought there because you are one of the 3 people in the world who believe anything Frank Fahey says then BIG 8) LOL 8).

Frank knows there will be no Galway bypass for years , decades even, and pulled his website last month , remember it ??


I bought in Renmore because I can cycle to town :smiley:

The traffic in Renmore is bad… but at least if I have to join it, I join in Renmore - I pity the poor saps (sorry) that have to come in from outside Galway every morning. An hour from kilcolgan I hear :cry:

And the new one way traffic arrangement should ease the rat run issues.

Agreed Frank Fahy is the perfect example of a self serving career politician. Imagine being a TD for Galway for years and HEAD of the Transport committee… and doing NOTHING about Galways traffic problems bar of course the setting up a crumby website!

isupportthebypass.com/ … its a REAL pity that FRANK didn’t!

It’s a dilemma when you decide to buy whether to spend the 300k in the likes of Renmore on an old semi det or buy a new detatched 20 miles away and put up with the traffic. With fuel going up and traffic getting alot worse, possibly better quality of life close to city.

depends on whether its really Renmore, and we all know murrough and lurgan are not Renmore, more like Merlin park really .

This went sale agreed a few weeks ago.

One of the local ‘auld biddies’ tells me this went for €310… how true this is, is anyones guess, auld biddy is question v.nice but a few sandwiches short…

€310,000 Ive a feeling we haven’t seen the last of this one GZ…!!!