94 Castle Ave Clontarf

Looks like its back on the market went Sale Agreed a short time ago Ummmmm wonder why … :laughing:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -3/1619183

I dont get it, why? Its still for sale on the ad. Am I being thick (probably)?

Yeah you cant read properly :smiley:

Some price for a house of that size

Woo hoo, galley kitchen, crap decor, farty sized back garden and a tiny box room for the fourth bedroom. Well worth the 610k in my opinion…

Ah I thought it was to do with a typo or something, I getcha

marie do you take pleasure in seeing sales fall through ? just wondering

Double Digit- are you the vendor for this one? Just wondering…

whenever i see a landscape shot from one of the window, and the photographer doesnt have the foresight to straighten the horizon line, you just think the subsidence of the house must be terrible

Deek I pass this house almost every day and a sale agreed sign was up around the beginning of October then this week I see it up on my home again
… Doubledigit I do deep down enjoy seeing a sale fall through over 600 thousand for a house that is not that special needing a lot of work on a busy road …some sucker has had a close shave even though they may not know it yet … keep your powder dry

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -3/1619183

dropped to 585,000 from 610,000 still an ugly house

A number of house sales have fallen through in Clontarf in the last couple of months. Know of 2 off hand with this agent. One was due to job loss on part of one of the buyers who were a couple and hence they failed credit scoring. Not house above.

Really isn’t surprising given asking prices in Clontarf. I find it very hard to believe a bank valuation would concur with most of he asking prices in Clontarf at the moment.

My gut is that the valuation on a place like this would be approx €400k. So 30% below current asking. Unless you’re a lunatic with a pile of cash sitting around you’re going to be protected from making that bad decision as you won’t have the cash you’d need to make up shortfall.

As a base calculation. Say this place sells for 550k which is prob about what they’re holding out for now. Bank values it at 400k. You’re able to get a max 80% mortgage (not 92% like everyone is led to believe as your credit score isn’t high enough as you’re not a doctor with the HSE).
(400k x 20%) + 150k = 230k.
Oh and the place needs 100k just to rewire, rewindow, insulate, kitchenate, bathroomate and decorate.

330k hard cash.

That’s the crux of the problem with Clontarf at the moment.