96 Grace Park Heights, Drumcondra, Dublin 9 (-227k, -34%)

Property Bee History

24 February 2009
* Price changed: from ‘Region €575,000’ to ‘Region €530,000’

07 November 2008
* Price changed: from ‘Region €595,000’ to ‘Region €575,000’

12 October 2008
* Price changed: from ‘Region €610,000’ to ‘Region €595,000’

15 September 2008
* Price changed: from ‘Region €640,000’ to ‘Region €610,000’

25 July 2008
* Price changed: from ‘Region €675,000’ to ‘Region €640,000’

05 June 2008
* Initial entry found.


Such a cluttered house… still much overpriced.

“Cluttered”? You mean with the current owner’s possessions?

Somehow I’d imagine they’re not included in the sale… :angry:

Now 485k

owners possessions aside, it looks cluttered because the house is tiny!

hi does anyone now how much this house is now?

err, there’s a link above.
or ever heard of Google? :angry:

€335/sq foot, no BER , 4 bed semi just ] , wouldn’t like to get my wheelie bin out through that gap

Now 460k


ha! good one. I had to check the pic to see what gap you were referring to.

Now 448k