97 Hampton Park, St Helen's Wood (-8.7%)

Old price: 2300 … =clnk&cd=1

New price: 2100


I have to say I am surprised by the volume of price drops in Booterstown over the past month or so. On daft there are approx 15 listings and now at least 20% of them have had to drop there price. I expect this to continue further up to Xmas though I can’t see many people looking to move before then so I feel the landlords/EA’s missed the boat by about a month. The cuts should have come in early November IMO

That’s reasonably good value. Here’s a remarkably similar property for 2800pm


Another one of these 4-bed semi-ds was for sale for 950k earlier this year. Not sure whether it was sold or withdrawn. There is a detached 4-bed currently for sale for 1.05m, which would be over 5k per month for a 35 year mortgage, excluding stamp duty. Even if you knocked 20% off, it’s another clear example of rents being far lower than mortgage repayments, despite what the media has been saying over the last week.