€99,000, 3 bed house, D.24

3 bed house for under 100k. €99,000__3 bed, 2 bath 16 Swiftbrook Drive, Tallaght, D.24
irishpropertywatch.com/viewSales … &Site=daft

From a number of the pictures it looks like the windows were boarded shut outside. And this story isn’t the best advertising for the estate.

5,750 euro and 2 stray cats no more no less would be my offer here

Swiftbrook. Like a rotten apple floating in a sea of misery with sharks swimming underneath.



It was re-listed a few days ago so get your offers in quick.

ok. I reduce my offer by 1 stray cat…no more no less…

Light Pigs have trading value but not stray cats? What purpose do they serve?

Adjacent to the road where some poor soul was killed with a samurai sword. I drive by there a bit. An utter utter kip


They have currency among the people of tallaght for some reason . . . No more no less . . .

As missiles no doubt!

Outdoors missiles only of course.
Certain design faults of the dwelling in question inhibit the acceleration required to launch the aforementioned stray feline using centrifugal force.

Back on topic please.

and don’t feed the trolls

Using a catapult! :-GC

But seriously, there are few less desirable locations to be stuck with a 30 year mortgage than here.

Oh and around the corner from a house where a guy got shot in the head when he looked out of the second floor to see who was knocking on the door. He’s still in a coma.

We have two more.

3 Bed Terraced House €99,950.
5 Kiltalown Hill, Jobstown, Tallaght, D.24 … daft.ie/1482078 . Cloonmore Park, Jobstown €94,950
https://images.myhome.ie/pictures/properties/residential/8/9/2/441298/SDC11342_m.JPG?v=1 . https://mediacache-s3eu.daft.ie/Qxq88_8qeJfBYlKl69KPnKJddmQRZvkpjhg-4PwnZKJtPWRhZnQmZT00MDB4MzAw.jpg

Surly with rent allowance there’s some good yield here for a canny gard.

daft.ie/1533519 … Now €84,950

Just read the EA blurb

Eh, what?

120k in May. Any idea what boomtime prices were for these chalets?

I think one of the questins that should be ask surly is do they come with body armour? :angry: