A book about economics and shit..

Could anyone please reccommend a book about economics so I can catch up with some of the discussions on here?
I find myself spouting stuff about Greece and the Euro, and unfortunately people are listening to me. I am close to being exposed as a fraud if I don’t backtrack and try and lay some foundations under the leaning tower of my fiscal knowledge. :blush:
P.S. Didn’t do any of this in school.

Don’t worry. You’ll never get found out. Yog has nearly 30,000 posts and he’s still held in very high esteem.

Hi Enda :laughing:

This does exactly what it says on the tin. Very good read and easy to digest.

But if you’re talking about comparison’s between countries, the likes of the Wealth of Nations (Adam Smith) and The Competitive Advantage of Nations (Michael Porter). You can probably download these two on PDF for free somewhere.

Otherwise, you might be best getting a bog standard macroeconomic text book. Which will bore the t1ts off you.

Thanks Andy, I lent that one to Michael and the decker never gave it back :slight_smile:
But seriously, I’ve a horrible feeling I already own that… :-GC

I meant fecker.

There’s a grand deck out the back of his ranch in Limerick though.

Gherkin, some of the investopedia content is decent: investopedia.com/university/economics/

This is the best book about economics I’ve read.

This one’s even better:

Here you go

Thanks to all the replies taking care of the first and second part of the op.
Plenty of jacks reading material there. :smiley:


The lesson from this paper is the same as Catbear’s Point 5 above. “Economics is to important to be left to the experts.” In other words,* do your own composting*. That way, you get free compost, potentially reduce your waste collection charges (depending on whether you’re billed by collection, by mass, by volume or a flat rate) and cut out the costs associated with the middleman. The exception is where, as the authors say, traditional waste disposal is very expensive or difficult; so if you live on the 25th floor and have no access to a garden, you should let the council do it, rather than having a compost heap in your airing cupboard.:smiley:

It’s common sense, really. (Catbear’s Point 1) :smiley:

All totally irrelevant to your question of course, but as an enthusiastic composter, I couldn’t resist it. :laughing:

“A book about economics and shit…”

I’m not so sure about the economics, but these are good books about shit.
Flushed with Pride: Story of Thomas Crapper

The Great Stink of London: Sir Joseph Bazalgette and the Cleansing of the Victorian Metropolis

Ok, I’ll stop now.

There are economics lessons in them, though. Usually only governments can do things like sewage projects, because the marginal benefit to each producer/consumer is so low.

Absolutely, and at the time, Edwin Chadwick was obsessed with composting human waste, a scheme that never took off because the marginal benefits were even lower, so much that not even a public scheme could pay its way.

I listen to audio books at the gym on a cheap Aldi MP3 player to drown out the noise of the music and to keep my brain occupied. Download:

librivox.org/the-principles-of- … rt-fetter/

for starters.


  • Joe Stiglitz’s Globalisation and its Discontents,
  • JK Galbraiths The Great Crash of 1929
  • George Monbiot’s Captive State

You will be able to talk shite for Ireland after reading all that lefty shite. Each of them a serious page turner too.

Another brilliant book, but less lefty, is Liaquat Ahamed’s The Lords of Finance.

I presume that Piketty’s Capital is excellent based on reviews but have not got to read it yet.