A brief history of the property pin board renaming saga.

A brief history of the property pin board renaming saga.

I think the thread titled “Current public sentiment towards the housing market?” on askaboutmoney.com was Part I.
It seems to be hidden or deleted as I cannot access it. Here is the link:
Here is where it is linked by AAM admin Brendan: askaboutmoney.com/showthread.php?t=64538

Here is the post that gets me thinking that the AAM thread was Part I:
forum.globalhousepricecrash.com/ … entry65474

So as the thread is seemingly missing, at least to registered AAM members, lets call it:
The Irish Property Bubble - Part I - The Phantom thread
Below are links and details I think are correct for the next parts.

web.archive.org/web/200701211755 … com/forum/
Current public sentiment towards the housing market? - Part II
“Help me, Open Window, you’re our only hope…” Rebel spies fleeing the AAM Empire, regroup and carry on the same old thing. thepropertypin strikes back!!!

web.archive.org/web/200706221538 … com/forum/
Irish Property Bubble & Current Market Sentiment - Part III Unity
Covering the largest speculative property bubble in the history of the Irish state, no mean feat, many do not believe it even exists. Come on in there is much to discuss.

Irish Property Bubble & Burst - Pt. IV Cognitive Dissonance
The largest property bubble in the history of the Irish state burst in 2006. Still in uncharted waters (2008) there is no perceptible end.

Irish Property Bubble & Burst, Pt. V Promised Land
The National Emergency.

The Return of the Banana Republic, Pt. VI The Slippery Slope
The National Emergency deepens into a terminal crisis. The Irish Government are also in terminal paralysis aka “asleep at the wheel”. Unemployment is back to 96’ levels as if it never went away. Brendan O’Connor applies the Revisionist lube and Ryan Tubridy is found whimpering in the corner of studio 4 with only his Uncle Gaybo Doll for comfort… but wait! Property Bubbles are so 2006/07/08, what will Liz O’Kane do?

The original thread - web.archive.org/web/200610310046 … hp?t=31710