a christmas gift for all you pinsters

First, off happy christmas to all you pinsters, hope you have a great one.

Second, I’m looking for a name for this little application so if you have any suggestions please feel free to post below

Finally, I’ve been putting this together over the last while and I’m hoping all you Pinsters will appreciate it.

It is basically a browser toolbar which sits under your address bar but within the toolbar it alerts you (very discreetly) and shows you the topic of recent news stories from CSO , Indo , IT , price drops , blog posts , forum posts from all of your favorite sites.

It also has a built in radio player of most of the major Irish and UK radio stations as well as allowing you to stream podcasts / live press briefings from the likes of the ECB.

So it’s basically everything a pinster needs in one very handy tool. This is a work in process so please feel free to add suggestions and I’m also looking to add more content to it so please feel free to suggest.

The installers are only about 1MB in size so not too big and the links are below, hope you enjoy:

Click here to download Mozilla Firefox version

Click here to download Internet Explorer Version

Also, after installing click on the small + sign on the left hand side and select Property IE

Sounds very clever indeed! I’ll be sure to give it a spin when I get back to Dublin.

Thankyou very much

Merry xmas :smiley:

ah it aint that clever believe me

woo, handy, make sure you change the view to the Property IE from the plus box on the left.

yes, please do as whizzbang says otherwise you will have a music related toolbar which i put together (though they are all linked together should you be inclinded :wink: )

nice one :smiley: