A Day Out in Dundrum Shopping Center

The Sales are on and today we thought we would visit Dundrum to avail of the discounted prices.

We were suprised to note the following:

  1. In the past years, sales have draged on for the whole summer with shops dropping their prices in small decrements. However this year we were surprised that many items were slashed by 50% already!! Got a lovely pair of ALDO shoes which have dropped from 140 Euros to 49.98 Euros

  2. Normally in the past, people would have 6-7 bags hanging from their arms. This year, people seemed to have hardly a bag. Are people in the saving mode?

  3. It seemed there were still loads of people outside the shopping center…where you may ask? They were in their cars, lining up for Cheap TESCO petrol

Could the recession be throwing its veil over Dundrum Shoppping Center? :frowning:

Dunno about Dundrum but …

My little sister has a childrens clothing store in West Limerick. I spoke to her on Friday, and she had taken a grand total of €150 for the week. She took €15 on Wednesday. Her rent, not to mind rates, light, heating ,phone etc is €400 a week.

Up til 2 months ago, her turnover was €1500 - €2000 a week.

She is giving it another month, but it looks like closure for the shop.

i was in rathdowney outlet centre earlier. while the reduction were great, the shopping seemed light. another thing, most shops had only two staff, some had one. that is a definite difference from my last visit.

plus, i stopped going to superquinn years ago, however in the last week i’ve been dropping in daily, their two for one offers are great. My neighbour saw me looking at the Hagen Dais fridge and joked “that stuff’s too posh for you” i replied “at half price, it’s not so posh now!”

I hope you also gave your neighbour a poke in the eye with a crostini.

On Dundrum I have the following findings…

Of three shops that I’d go into that would never entertain haggling two have turned and have begun to do so. They will offer 10% discount and only if you specifically ask. Now if you waved the cash under the managers nose I’m sure you’d get more, but then old habits die hard.

I was surprised by that, given that a spokesperson for one of the outlets has in the past stated that they just didn’t do discounts.

She’s doing the right thing.

When times were good, we could all afford to deck out our Tiger cubs in E100’s worth of designer clobber. I imagine luxuries like designer clothes for children would be the first thing to go on the family shopping list.

Haggling is good. Even BT in Galway entertain haggling nowadays .

I was in Dundrum yesterday, shopping in House of Frasier (a pinster has to look their best if they want to stand up to the Chief Economists) (ok, I got a gift voucher) and I was taken aback by the number of sales on , rows and rows of shops had “up to 50% off” sales signs up. The place was still busy but they must be hurting hard.

There was a great DVD sale in in Vavvi or Zavvi or whatever they have renamed Virgin.

One friend who is involved in the retail trade, coffee shops specifically, has said that business is down about a third of late. This is in prime D4 location, heart of the boom territory, where incredible money would have been changing hands on a daily basis back around '05. Due to the very high levels of turnover they were coming from, its not as if they’re in real trouble. However, employees hours are being cut substantially as a result, obviously resulting in them in turn cutting back on their own expenditure. Apparently a lot of builders (of which there are obviously less and less) who would have been dropping up to 15 euro per day in the shop are turning up to work with packed lunches and flasks of tea and coffee.

Its quite an eye opener to see how recessionary practices mirror the expansionary practices of the boomtimes in reverse with everything feeding into everything else.

I refer you to the quote below (good old Vladmir Illych where are you now) :wink:

Seriously, I coudl never understand how economists & commentators could even countenance a slowdown in construction not “spilling over into the general economy”. In reality there are no seperate segments, the economy is a single (albeit complex multicellular) organism, injure one part sufficiently and the entire organism suffers.

I don’t particularly like Dundrum, mainly because there are pretty much no shops there that I’d bother buying anything in, but I go there from time to time for food or Cinema.

However, my eyes were opened at the weekend regarding one area where Dundrum definitely is good value.

I was in town with the car on Saturday and parked in the Ilac center.

Never EVER again.

€8.10 for just over 2 hours parking, and none of their f****ng machines take credit cards, which means you have to go in search of an ATM.

At least Dundrum’s car park is (for the moment) reasonably priced, and actually provides a decent service.


The writing is on the wall for Rathdowney. It’s been a dead duck for a long time now. If it was an animal they’d have done the humane thing and put it to sleep long ago.

Dundrum parkign is a bit of a loss leader I think. 3 hours costs the same as 1 hour. Perhaps this is to encourage more shopping? “Sure, I still have 2 hours on the parking, lets take a look around”. Quite smart if you ask me.

Parking in the Square, Tallaght is still free. One of the few outlets left in Dublin where you don’t get that few extra quid screwed out of you.

Coonagh Cross in Limerick is the one I watch. Tesco is opened almost a year and no other shop open yet. There are only ever a few cars outside Tesco and somebody I was talking to the other day reckons lots of these are only parked there for people carpooling on to Shannon or Raheen etc. The retail warehousing on the site was stopped when it was half built, then started again and now its been stopped again almost 90% ready. In the paper recently the morkoting person said there will be about 20 big brand names coming there in september when phase 2 is launched. I heard the other day that the new Tesco in Kilrush (smaller regional store in a smaller regional town has higher turnover)

One to watch.

Saw the diesel shop on suffolk street is having a 50% sale. Would have bought some stuff if I was not so smashed! Damn you crisitunity!

50% off diesel? Where do I queue the tanker?

Just for your information, this shop is actually ‘Diesel Ireland.’ Back in the late 70’s they got the name rights for Ireland from under the nose of the real thing and mainly make their money from people confusing the two.

Are you kidding me? When I pay good money for overpriced branded goods, I want the correct overpriced brand on said goods!

Sure you are not confusing this with ‘The Gap’?