A green cloud on the horizon for property prices? Tiochadh ár property price falls!

With Sinn Féin highly likely to get into government in the near future - potentially without the need for a coalition partner - what are the views on the impact this will have on property prices?

Personally I see this as big negative for house prices. They are likely to intervene heavily in the rental / investor market to the detriment of the landlord class. More generally I expect high investment in social housing which will impact the lower end of the market. And finally, I expect they will tax the sh*t out of the professional classes which will impact the higher end of the market.

Oh and expect Inheritance Tax to go through the roof…

I doubt even the most deluded SF member believes that, It will be SF + the soldiers of destiny and maybe the Healy-Rae party if needed

A big investment is social housing would be a good thing, but also expect a rise in “refugee” numbers so who knows prises/rents might not drop as much as you expect