A handy map of Dublin from our friendly EAs

Any amendments?


Docklands ( eg not sheriff st or east wall or ringsend )
Knocklyon ( not Tallaght)

Otherwise fairly spot on :smiling_imp:

Where did this come from?

I presume this is your own creation, whizz?

Funny :laughing:

It had to be done :wink:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I think you mean Up-And-Coming-Knocklyon/Docklands etc. Its become a more popular prefix than Bally-


Seems about right. :slight_smile:

Only “minutes from St Stephens Green” :laughing:
“the serenity of country living” but still “within easy reach of the bustle and bright lights of the city” :laughing:

Gentlemen - there is going to be an email circulating with those two maps hope you dont mind!!!

“Estate Agents Handy Maps”

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Not at all

I just mentioned it on another thread this site from the Dublin transport office is useful if you want to check if a street or estate is in the locality which the EA listing claims it is.

Also quite useful