A home of your own? - Public meeting on housing 23rd Jan 2007, 8pm

Hi folks, I thought people on this board might be interested in this event. I hope it’s considered relevant - it’s aimed at the issue which affect people in need of housing, whether it’s private, local authority or affordable housing. Full details are available here.

A Home of your Own ? - A Green Party Public Meeting on making housing available and affordable in Dublin

Tuesday 23rd January 8pm, Cultivate Centre, Temple Bar
All welcome

can someone make this a link, sounds like a thing that should be supported and may be of interest, especially as cuffe of the greens are there and the greens are loking like a good call for a balance of power holders…

miight be interesting

boards.ie/vbulletin/showthre … 2055042922

And on another note, no point us giving out about AAM, let them run around and answer silly repetitive questions about mortages and bank loans…as the man one said

       "The only thing worse than being talked about.....is not being talked about".....so let them ban and mod away and ppl can vote with thier feet and stay away, i refer to the posts on this yesterday evening.

Pinned it for you at GHPC.

Thanks for the link and I might try and be there myself. However I won’t push this more than your post, since apolitical is where the pin is. Though I do have a soft spot for both Socialist Party & The Greens and will vote accordingly. I am however consigned by what the universe says and that is that politics is in fact the most inefficient system to solve our problems and is in fact usually part creator. People solve problems. Politicians take undue credit.

There is nothing anyone can do unless they are really going to challange the authority of The World Banks & the Banking system. Otherwise the Booms & Busts cycle circus just continues to move along to the next town, country and so on… :frowning:

However I would love to see OPEN SOURCE becomming the accepted form of doing things. Including governance.

I slipped over to the good old ship GBHPC and lwo and behold I see Green Bear has unearthed a story that illuminates exactly the task ahead.

Even if politicans are to be effective they must first admit to people how they are currently the also problem, repent, resign and lets start all over again.