A Living Wage nightmare?


It couldn’t get much lower.


And if companiesd are forced to pay higher wages they may cut back on other benefits like health care plans, pension contributions, bonuses, lower wage increases etc.


It’s also notable that none of the 13 states listed as having raised the minimum are any of the states currently benefiting from the shale oil and gas boom, like N. Dakota where nobody normally wants to go, but is currently undergoing a wild west style boom, complete with a glut of brothels etc.



Are you saying that geological formations disapprove of raising the minimum wage, and punish state governments for introducing minimum wage rises by not containing as much fossil fuel as geological formations within states which adhere to Thatcherite economics?

It’s certainly one of the more original theories as to regional variation in fossil fuel deposits that I’ve heard.


Hmmm! That’s a novel idea, I hadn’t thought of that. I guess I’ll answer… maybe…for now…until I get round to doing more research. Except, I think you got your theory backwards, wouldn’t it be the pols punishing the geo formations?


Spoof vids like that are a dime a dozen. The math doesn’t add up.

There is however in my view a legitimate case against Wal-Mart in particular. Look at the payscale comparisons below between Wal-Mart and Costco the #1 and #2 retailers in the US.

Wal-Mart has 4 times the revenue, and 6 times the profit of Costo. The Wal-Mart family is the wealthiest in the US, combined $150B+. Costco’s founder Jim Sinegal is worth $2B, and one or two other partners are worth maybe $1B.

People actually want to work for Costco, not so Wal-Mart.

payscale.com/research/US/Emp … ourly_Rate

payscale.com/research/US/Emp … ourly_Rate


You cannot compare Walmart with Costco, both of them for a start work off a different business model.


Wal-Mart’s gross revenue stats include the figures for their Sam’s Club subsidiary whose business model and store count is almost identical to Costco, but which Wal-Mart refuses to break out separately.

Business model aside, I’d be interested to hear your detailed views on why they are not a valid comparison?

I have a Costco three miles south, and a Sam’s Club three miles north. I never go north.

In any event my primary point was that the vid was a spoof, the math doesn’t compute, and therefore unreliable. Do you dispute that?


Didn’t property rental prices go insane there?


Ireland’s Low Pay Problem: time for a Living Wage

nerinstitute.net/blog/2014/0 … ving-wage/


Seems as appropriate place as any for this.

cf.broadsheet.ie/wp-content/uplo … 583646.jpg


Low-pay group to get powers to gradually raise minimum wage

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We’ll need it to afford the booze. BD


We’ll get inflation back by hook or by crook and then it’s bye bye debt \o/


Less people paying more what could go wrong!?


Low Pay Commission to be chaired by former banker

irishtimes.com/business/low- … -1.2107394


How about this as an idea. Give Low paid the welfare too… oh hang on sorry that’s only for bankers. :angry:


Polarised views on minimum wage even before new commission is launched

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The taxpaying wage slaves of this island can not afford to pay for another quango.