“A Man” charged - The Death of a Nine year old Donegal Boy killed in hit and run

Watch this space. RIP.

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A Man Arrested

A man in his 20s has been arrested…


No mention if it was a cry for help yet.

A Man Charged

A man is due to appear in court after being charged in connection with crash in which a nine-year-old boy died in Co Donegal.


Sad day. Hit and run was unheard of when I was a nipper.


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Sergee Kelly?

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He’s allowed to continue to drive ???

Mr Kelly is charged with failing to stop at the scene of the crash, failing to remain at the scene, and failing to offer or get assistance.
He was granted bail after a €2,000 cash bond was given to the court with a further independent surety of €5,000 also provided.
He must sign on three times a week at Ballyshannon Garda Station, make no contact - either directly or indirectly or through social media or any other means - with prosecution witnesses and surrender his passport

Belarus I’ve heard and trust source.



The defendant, who was adopted from Belarus at the age of three, had pleaded guilty to a charge of assaulting Mr Williams, a Scottish visitor to the Festival on June 2 2017, causing him serious harm.



Fucking Bastard Lawyers

Defence counsel Colm Smyth with Keith O’Grady BL

Defence counsel Mr Smyth said the victim impact statement from the victim was “harrowing” and was fully “appreciated by the accused”. He had expressed early remorse, had got rehab and will ashamed of his actions for the rest of his life.
“He is not mad or bad but a young man suffering from a condition that needs to be stabilised”.
The defendant was now on medication that agreed with him and was fearful that unless he has access to this medication, he might have a hard time in jail.
The counsel said this was not a cold- blooded attack and his chance of a better life might be undone in a custodial sentence.
“I would say he will not darken the court again”.

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Interesting level of implied conflict of vision here. To the progressive mind (anointed vision) someone brought up from the age of three in Ireland is genuinely believed to be solely the product of Ireland.
To those who don’t espouse progressivism (benighted vision) this is not the case.

Another example of how a pluralist society doesn’t work.
As summed up in this image…

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Never say Never

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Normal to be pouring petrol on the road and setting it alite.
Mad Judge

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My first thought as well.

Who else remembers being radicalized in school by Adi Roche and her NGO? It took me years to shake off the conditioning and propaganda that I had been subjected to about the so called perils of nuclear energy.

Amazing to think this woman and her organisation were sanctioned by the state to spread their message of ignorance to kids.


Putin met her and in her own words he laughed at her.

Another rabbit hole open leading back to Ukraine and children :icon_frown:

That total fraud. A narcistic monster.

Apart from the clean up workers there was pretty much zero long term effect from Chernobyl. Zero. They kept looking and looking and found pretty nothing. Nothing statistically significant. Talk about ruining the narrative.

Here is a typical example. Shows a 10% increase in hospitalization for certain cancers in the “larger fall out area”…

One big problem with this paper. The correlation they found can be easily explained by natural background radiation from the underlying geology. Seems none of them ever heard of radon etc…

A good proxy…

How much money has Adi Roche made from her fraud over the decades?