A man of the cloth?

A Catholic priest has been convicted of a series of tax offences, relating to rental properties in which he had an interest.

Father Tadhg O’Donovan was fined 6000 euro at Cork District Court after filing incorrect tax returns and failing to keep proper records over a five year period

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Forgive me father for I have sinned, it has been 5 years since my last tax return and in that time I have failed to pay tax on 11 investment properties and capital gains on the disposal of 2 properties. I have received loads of rent from the government for my tennants and have failed in my duties to the state. Amen.

This guy should be a protestant with his love of capitalism.

More detail here.


“the money was just resting in my account”

No. I guarantee you that was 2gaffs on Primetime lastnight with the cigar and everything at those Cork Street gaffs. No exactly WLGQG!

Is tax evasion covered by cannon Law?
I wouldn’t have thought so. He should be in the clear.

I’m sure Fianna Fail will have no problem using tax payers money to compensate the revenue commissioners for the wrong doing.

Rob Peter to pay Peter.


Any god botherers on the Pin want to let us know whether there are any moral implications for a priest having 13 investment properties?

Only in Ireland!, this is really is beyond the beyond, honestly, I dunno whether to laugh or cry.

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Open Window.

OK folks lets get all this in perspective.

  1. Men of the Cloth get up to financial no good in lots of countries outside Ireland, indeed in the good old Us of A some people get into Religion precicely with financial misdeeds in mind.

  2. Men of the cloth get up to far worse than financial misdeeds, as we know only too well in Ireland, and in a lot of other countries too.

Think of this as just another guy getting caught for rental property tax evasion. He sure as heck won’t be the last, rental property tax evasion is possibly more popular in Ireland now than going to church.

I don’t think his being a priest has any bearing on this story beyond the novelty factor.


Well it does have a big bearing because the Church will no doubt be lecturing their adherents on inequality and sinning and yet we find one of its members having to pay a settlement to the Revenue. In the same way as we find some politicians who on one hand are lecturing the population on fiscal rectitude while defrauding the taxman on the other. And how does a priest with 13 investment properties fit into the whole Jesus throwing the money changers out and the entire rich men/camels/needle thing?

Let’s remember that this is one corrupt individual. Making generalisations from this case seems a little unhelpful. I agree with RD, if the individual in question wasn’t a priest, this would be a non-story - he’d simply be another Irish cute hoer screwing the system.

Much the same as the free marketeers who lecture the world on the ills of government intervention/nationalisation of banks etc while advocating those very policies in certain specific circumstances :wink:

I expect Father McSavvy’s sermon on Sunday will be replete with themes of forgiveness and humility.

The Lord’s investment property is sacrosanct… Will the next gospel reading from this guy feature a story about a tax collector??? :confused:

Erm. I am thinking of a parallel… It might be unfair but then again it might not…

The real point, as ever about the Priesthood, is the fucking hypocrisy…

I think this individual being a priest is very relevant considering he , like our esteemed politicians should be leading by example.

Consider the pathetic scene of the old and infirm throwing their few pennies into the collection plate at Sunday Mass while a phucker like this makes a tax settlement of €250,000 for the criminal act of tax fraud all the while pleading for more donations for the running of the church. Meanwhile , FF are holding a collection outside the gates so that party funds can be diverted to Party members for personal gain :unamused:

Send them all to Craggy Island !

Erm… “white collar crime”? :smiley:

If this guys honesty is being called into question how can he be allowed to minister to the public, I dont reach the same conclusion as RD and others to the effect that hes just a cute hoor in a collar or whatever.

He should be f****d out of his parish and defrocked, he is after all a member of an organisation who said its a mortal sin to be very wealthy and at the same time advocate we all give, and in this country they would have us tipping the forelock today if they could.

Remember this is an organisation that over the centuries has been responsible for some of the most heinous crimes to mankind from the Spanish Inquisition to paedophiles, who acted along side the Nazis not to mention being probably one of the richest organisations on the planet and they dictate to us to give to them. They seem to be a bit like our current government in that they have double standards and will acept anybody without a background check (brown envelopes at the back door please).

Regardless of who the man is ,this is tip of the iceberg stuff. How anyone can have any faith in a taxation system,that gives taxpayers money to people who then refuse to pay their own tax,just shows what a joke of a country this is.