A minister for pinsters

Willie Penrose deserves a thread of his own to track the damage he (un?)does…


Can’t say I know much about him.

Well here you go then :

The same Willie Penrose as is into Buy to Lets across the UK, and who was deep into shares in Albert Reynold’s Bula Resources Holdings? Why, has he been given a ministry?

Edit: I see - special responsibility for housing… Well who’d a thunk it.

If Flinstones the Stage Show is ever produced, Willie is a shoo-in for the part of Fred :mrgreen:

I did not know about this Roc, interesting stuff and from a time before I got wise to the culture of our little island. Don’t know about the specifics and/or not the involvement of Mr.Penrose as a, presumably innocent, shareholder but here’s what Bula were apparently up to :

finfacts.com/irelandbusiness … 4848.shtml

Yeah. And not just Iraq. Libya too. Seemingly Albert Reynolds had a good friendship with Col. Ghadaffi, and the hope of those into these Bula shares was that “Albert’s friendship with Col Ghadaffi will deliver something economically.” (as put by Austin Deasy at the time).

Who were into these Bula shares? Apparently, half the Dail bar stalwarts… and it can be seen from the share register that many Irish establishment figures were into them too - from the upper ranks of Pravda-RTE, to judges, to wealthy Irish media figures.

So, sure, Willie Penrose was a presumably innocent, shareholder, as you say. But his involvement suggests a couple of things about him to me.

a. He is an ‘insider’ as far as being involved in the same type of speculations as seems to emanate from the talk of the Dail bar (I don’t know if he actually drinks there much. Does he?). For example, as well as being in on these Bula share, he also invested like Cowen in ‘Buy to Lets’ in secondary UK cities. Cowen bought in Leeds. Penrose bought in Kent, Croydon and Wigan. Also, he seems to have been through the same mill of studying law in UCD and then on up to the King’s Inns, like so many of the Irish establishment.

b. Through owning these shares, he had a certain stake in the game of (as your article above alludes to) seeking to exploit the natural resources of countries, whose people did not get to benefit from those natural resources, and acknowledging that in this game, its players were prepared to go as far as playing politics at the highest levels, to ‘deliver something economically’, in terms of these natural resources. And to hell with the realities on the ground, or despotic regimes, or whatever.

Now, in view of the above, you have to ask yourself why would they give such a person as Penrose ‘special responsibility’ for housing and planning?

Will he be above trotting out the same sort of platitudes as Reynolds in Iraq saying, ‘I spoke out against how the sanctions were affecting children’? … Will we hear the same line assumed a guise along the lines of ‘we must help those struggling to pay their mortgages’ or ‘we must help these unfortunate first time buyers to be able to afford to get on the property ladder’… And all the while, the aim is to continue with the continued exploitation of our most important natural resource, LAND.

This isn’t even to mention how Penrose holds shares in IL&P and First Active. Or, how if you observe him closely, you can see distinct marks of one of the most important Fine Gael puppetmasters - Peter Sutherland (or is that just my imagination :blush: ).

As far as I’m aware Albert Reynolds is not well.

I’m not feeling the best after reading jxbr’s post either…

That has got to be one of the best ever.

how long did it take you.

Can someone print that out and stick it in the post to Albert and a few journalists, incredible post, thanks

Post it to his daughter the judge. As far as I can recall she was in recruitment in PwC (or Price Waterhouse as it was then), became a barrister and was then magically appointed as a judge as a not very experienced junior counsel.

I know there is a substantial gender gap in Ireland in many professions but that is no excuse.

Remember she recently called for people who were called for juny service but did not turn-up should be prosecuted.

Irish minister’s driver quits after a week as it is revealed he is a convicted tax-dodger



They should really do something about the road into the Dail.

Have you ever been to Ballynacargy?

What do junior ministers need drivers for? FFS. They’re just seat warmers for when the minister can’t make it. I doubt the UK equivalents have drivers.