A Pinsters Poll

A Pinsters Poll

  • The last 3 months ?
  • The last 6 months ?
  • The last 12 months ?
  • Intend to buy in the next 3 months ?
  • Intend to buy in the next 6 months ?
  • Intend to buy in the next 12 months ?
  • Intend to Pay in Cash Full.
  • Intend to buy with Deposit + Mortgage.
  • Bought & Paid with Cash.
  • Mortgage Partial/Full - BOI
  • Mortgage Partial/Full - AIB
  • Mortgage Partial/Full - UB
  • Mortgage Partial/Full - PTSB
  • Mortgage Partial/Full - Other

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How many Pinsters have bought or will buy in the 12 months ?

No earlier than 18 months for me.
And in 18 months, it could well be ‘another 18 months’.

This debacle still has a long way to go.

somebody made a very good suggestion … adding if so are they are cash buyer or is it mortgaged etc. Too late to do so.

I’m thinking this time next year… but depending on house prices and value for money oh and if I’m still in Ireland by then! But defintely not in 2012…

Never too late :angry:

very nice :slight_smile:

Are the ‘mortgage partial/full’ boxes only for those who have bought their house in the last 12 months or less or for anyone who owns a house?

I picked Intend to buy in the next 12 months ? but I think that option is more for the sitting on the fence people like myself - Intend to buy if property looks like the prices are stabilising but will not buy if they continue to fall, interest rates rise, taxes rise etc. It a more “would like to buy soon, but need to wait and see what happens” answer!

I’m going to buy an apartment by the sea with my cash and rent until I retire before moving in to it full time.

I have been saying I will buy in about a year for the last 5 years :smiley:
I will be a cash buyer

I dream of being a cash buyer…

Yes, I suggest this as an option.

I very likely won’t be buying for 3 years min. Depite this, I am still glued to the monthly price drops and the Pin.

Was going to buy in 2012. But the behaviour of the banks means that’s now been pushed out to 2014 at the very earliest. It’s becoming a self fulfilling prophecy for the banks, as they truly are such morons they are hammering the stable door shut now, about 5 years too late, strangling any life in the market when some selling prices are reasonable and sustainable.

According to this only BOI and AIB will lend to first time buyers at this stage. No Credit, no market, more losses, less credit, etc etc etc. on and on we go.


went with two options.hope to buy within 12 mths and pay for with cash.its very slow in my chosen area at the moment…no new houses coming on and what theres is up, has been on the market for what seems like forever,with little price drops.so maybe it’ll end up being longer than 12 mths.

“None of these”.

Edited to add - not intending to buy within the next 2 years or so.

Depending on the deal and inflation, but more than likely in 2-3 years. I wouldn’t rule out 5 years.

I intend to buy in cash, and i dont have much so will be waiting unitl its enough

I own an apartment that I bought during the boom times! (stupid me!)

Came into a bit of cash thankfully, do decided to buy a house with a large deposit (apartment isn’t big enough for my family so had to move!). Sale agreed at the moment

Going to rent out the apartment – not ideal but it’s on a very cheap tracker that I won’t lose.

Think I got a good enough deal on the house that I previously thought I’d never be able to afford – is a nice detached house (a few grand work though – nothing major, new floors,painting,etc) with a very big back garden.

Was a bit concerned about the negative equity on the apartment, and with apartment price decreases esculating, I must admit I had a couple of concerns on if the bank would still give me a mortgage if the apartment prices kept going down too much!

But delighted with the new gaf! Just have to get it properly surveyed and checked out! (going to get that property health check fella to have a look).

On an absolute sidenote, the houses electricity isn’t connected (nobody has lived in it for a year or two as its been up for sale for a long time – very unrealistic price for most of last year). Anyone ever experience this? Presume the norm is for the vendor to reconnect it before the purchase, so that it can properly checked out?

Shano I’m surprised the bank gave you a loan when you have an apartment in negative equity

As I said, I had a very large deposit (don’t really want to go into figures on here) - have a very good savings record, credit history and was easily able to prove that I wasn’t relying on any rental income to be able to afford both mortgages (and proved that I am able to sustain a number of interest rate hikes)