A Post 8th Amendment world - Culture of Death

Definitely another New Thing


Insurrectionists :scream::scream::scream:

Phew. It gets awfully quiet. This man knows how to silence a protest.

Video - https://nitter.net/abigaildodds/status/1522047133863530496

I actually think it’s not he silenced them, he’s given them a call that he knows they have not yet received the programmed response (call & response preaching style). The mob is unthinking, it reflexes.

It didn’t have a reflex circuit for his call, and so it might have caused a few to slip into a “think” circuit and pop pout of the mob if but for a moment, good days work.



With all the protests outside Supreme Court Judges houses, is this prohibition on protesting/interfering with the Judiciary Federal law or State do you know? I’ve only seen this screenshot.

Edit: found better linky

I’m sure it was a caring and compassionate assassination attempt.

And peaceful. Never forget how peaceful these things are. Mostly.

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Summer of FF’s that one was thwarted.

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Just in time for the summer rioting season…



Culture of Life move to stop killing the babies


Culture of Death inject the Babies

Light Vs Dark.

I think they also confirmed the right to concealed carry (overruling NY) earlier this week, a day or two before this ruling…

There are right crimes and there are wrong crimes.

Not forgetting the State surveillance during crown internment.

Just making an observation, not making a case for or against abortion. Simply facts. This could easily be posted in the migration thread too…

Covid may be having an impact but as it stands abortion sits about 6 and a half thousand year in Ireland.

We can observe that Births are approx 60k. So something approx 1 in 11 pregnancies. Thereabouts anyway.

In the uk abortion is 1 in 4 of all pregnancies

In the US it is 1 in 5 pregnancies

If there is a drift to US or UK rates then we can expect a further decline in the portion of irish born population. This may or may not require a change in abortion legislation to make it more easily accessible (some Australian states have recently made it easier). But my only point is that it is certainly possible to have those rates.

Relevant, census rte link:

Looks like Britain has already had it’s 10 millionth abortion since 1967

… and the EU & Non Eu population of Britain is, wait for it… 10 million as of 2019, if wiki is to be believed.

Why not just take the opportunity to turn it into an occult ritual? These are sick sick times we live in…

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