A Post 8th Amendment world - Culture of Death


I see the Yes side aren’t content to just get on with the killing spree. They want political assassinations as well. How pathetically petty.


Let the Purges begin…

Mullens an insufferable but what sort of shite is this?

Are we going to be left with a public life, the entirety of which parrotts an identical party line in accordance with accepted/fashionable social justice norms?

Assuming you agree with this, are you really unaware of how weak and petty this type of action appears? Why not just tear strips off his argument?

Do you really want the whole world to resemble your own little marhsmallow middle class safe space?


Are we to take from that that you agree with his comments?


Triggered. :smiley:


3 amendment treads, can we close of at least one


Maybe a bit.

But surely you dont believe people should be removed from their positions for simply being gobshites?

Edit - or more accurately, not holding whatever happens to be the prevailing view of the day?

How is this type of proposed action any different to the shaming of people in the past…behaviour that Saturday’s vote was apparently supposed to be about consigning to history?


I do :slight_smile:

However the purge is targeted at silencing what is now a miniority point of view.

On my occasions I heard the “No” side make the claim that abortion as a option to improve mental health has no evidence base. I wonder is that a selective quote on the charge.org website?


Mullen is an elected official. If his opinions are sufficiently distasteful to a large enough group of people, he won’t be re-elected. His group of supporters (does he have any?) can vote for him. It’s not as if people are going to put duct tape on his mouth, nor on the mouths of any no voters.


You are right - the majority has never been know to target those with opposing views :laughing:

All the same 27k signatures in 4 days on a little know website about at best a marginal politician looks a little strange.


I am very suspicious of mental healthcare awareness campaigners. My favorite hobby is asking them about the history of mental healthcare in Ireland.
That’s another thread.


Why? Would you like me to put up my address so you can send round the thought crimes gestapo along with a baying mob?


Yeah, this thread has gone full term.



I’m talking about your inability to distinguish usernames. That post was by croquette, not by me… You said:


Well, the NO posters I saw explcitly said that Yes=a vote for unrestricted abortion up to 12 weeks.
So I think even that is settled.


its not how I read the amendment to the constitution.

The actual text “Provision may be made by law for the regulation of termination of pregnancy.”


An NUI elected senator but not elected by the general public if I’m not mistaken. I’d imagine there’s enough theology grads to keep him in situ for some time yet.


in relation to the not elected by the general public remark.

yeah, like it or not, NUI graduates have a right to vote in that constituency.




Uh, what? The liberal abortion laws were floated in at the last minute by the Citizen’s Assembly and a bunch of handpicked “experts”. Even the Yes side must have been taken aback, and thought all their birthdays had come at once. Most countries need a “slippery slope” period before getting full scale abortion on demand. We’re taking the fast track. Pro-lifers had nothing to do with it, other than a quickly ignored plea for balance in the representation to the assembly.

Yeah, you might be lucky and end up with the “nothing-like-third-trimester” UK limit of 23 weeks and 6 days.


Wrong on all counts, but that’s no surprise. My moral position comes – as I’ve stated many times on this thread – from the only possible consistently logical position: all human beings have human rights. You’re right though about my lack of discomfort – I don’t have any of those flaming intellectual hoops that you must have to jump through.

More flaming hoops. Would twelve weeks plus one minute be wacky? How about twelve weeks plus two minutes? Is there a magic bong for wackiness, to go with the bong that announces the magic creation of a human with rights (which looks exactly like the human without rights that existed one minute previously)?